Pretty in Plastic

There are so many clever ways in which everyday plastic items are reused throughout the ‘Pines! The best way to share these ideas are in photos, so scroll on down and I’ll continue to add new ones to the top as I encounter more.

Here’s a Christmas tree made out of potato chip bags. Each was folded and affixed to the tree in the same meticulous fashion. Found this at a marine sanctuary in Olango, Cebu.

This is a pretty common sighting around my town: 2L bottles as planters. This is one of several hanging on the fence outside my neighborhood school.


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This is one of my favorites, a gift from my technical trainer during pre-service training: a purse made out of juice packets. I use it everywhere and people love it – a great conversation piece onto this issue:


Another Christmas tree, this one made out of water bottles. This was found at the Chocolate Hills viewing complex in Bohol, a big tourist destination.


How about a half a bottle as a light shade? Anything is possible…