Paper & Postage

I’ve always enjoyed writing letters and sending postcards; last year I decided to get serious about it. I bought myself an address book, started filling it up and a year later we’re still going strong. So if you’ve stumbled upon my blog and would like to receive handwritten messages from afar, you’re in luck… I’ve got some empty slots in my little black book!

But here’s what I ask of you, kind stranger: send me your address in writing. Purchasing postcards and postage is a pleasure of mine that hits my Peace Corps Peso bank with quite the punch. I’m more than happy to do it, but it’s nice to know my efforts (and pesos) aren’t for naught!

And if you feel like getting on the fast track to becoming one of my best friends, you can send love in the form of packages. Things that are on my wishlist right now:

  • Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, or sesame seeds
  • Reef-safe sunscreen such as those mentioned in this Padi blog (so I can protect my skin and the ocean at the same time)!
  • Blu tack, to put the lovely postcards people send me up on my walls.
  • More stationary to write my letters with 🙂
  • Any snacks/candies that are holiday themed to share with my host family, coworkers and community members.
  • And… chocolate!

I am currently in the process of obtaining a volunteer position at one of the local schools in my area and imagine that I will have a more meaningful ‘wishlist’ (teaching aids, science books for kids, etc.) in the near future but right now any comforts from home are pretty meaningful to me. A letter from a friend can do a lot to brighten my day or even my week when it’s been a rough one.

And if you decide to send more than just a letter I have one final request: please consider the packaging. There is no means of recycling or even reliable trash disposal here (I’m working on this, too!); I live on an island and unfortunately most plastics end up polluting either the fresh or marine water systems around me. If you buy nuts and sweets, consider things that can be packaged in a reusable tin, Tupperware, or even paper bags – I will reuse them until they disintegrate, my promise!

Anyway, future pen pal, I look forward to hearing from you! So finally, here’s my address:

Stav T. Friedman
c/o Municipal Agricultural Office
LGU, Poblacion, Talibon
Bohol, Philippines 6325


Some of the pretty stationary I am currently working my way through!




3 responses to “Paper & Postage

  1. Hi! I’m so happy I found your blog. I’m currently considering applying for a Peace Corp posting in the Phillipines working in youth development, and I wanted to get an idea what the life would be like. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences!


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