The Philippines and the Peace Corps have thrown over a hundred acronyms at me in the past several months, so I thought I would add my own to the list. My Filipino Island Count (FIC) is where I’m keeping track of how many of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines I visit.
Out of the bigger island provinces, I’ve been to five: the main Island of Luzon, Siquijor, Cebu, Negros and Bohol (where my permanent site is). But there are plenty of little islands that I’ve been off exploring! Check out the map below to see where I’ve visited so far!

BUT now (as of February 2017) the Philippines has updated its island count to 7,641-adding 534 ‘new’ islands to the country! Not to say these islands have newly formed, but newly caught on satellite imagery, thanks to improved technology. You can read the CNN article about the additional islands here. So out of 7,641 islands, I’ve visited 25… meaning I have just 7,616 more islands to visit! I’m suddenly a lot further away from my goal of getting into the 6,000’s 😀

Islands by name:

  1. Luzon
  2. Cebu
  3. Bohol
  4. Jao
  5. Sag
  6. Bansan
  7. Cataban
  8. Bongan
  9. Panglao
  10. Nocnocan
  11. Pamilacan
  12. Lapu-lapu
  13. Olango
  14. Mahanay
  15. Guindacpan
  16. Calituban
  17. Siquijor
  18. Negros
  19. Apo Island
  20. Balicasag
  21. Leyte
  22. San Pedro Island
  23. San Pablo Island
  24. Malapscua
  25. Gato Island