Little Drops of Happiness No. 2

Welcome to post two of the Little Drops of Happiness collection (click the link to read the first post). A scattered series of posts in which I share some of life’s little moments of joy and beauty that often get swallowed up by the bigger picture. So here goes:

  • On a visit to one of the islands this month a newer member of the Fish Warden team was driving the speedboat. It was a beautifully blue day: the water was as smooth as silk and the sky littered with little white, fluffy clouds that came out of a children’s drawing. We set off from the pier and I was almost too mesmerized by the view to notice that we were travelling in an odd zigzag pattern away from the bay. Then it became apparent that our speedboat driver couldn’t see over the speedboat at full throttle. The whole boat started laughing and someone brought him a Styrofoam block to sit on and we went merrily on our (much more direct) way.


    The speedboat, my chariot

  • This past week my Nanay’s daughter has been visiting from France where she lives with her husband and children. She has a phenomenal voice and was a singer in a band overseas until her recent retirement. At a family friend’s birthday party she got up to sing a few songs to the birthday boy and I was blown away. Not only did she sing beautifully in English and Tagalog, she also sang a phenomenal rendition of Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, in FRENCH. I had to pinch myself, to think that I am sitting in a remote island town in the Philippines listening to a live version of one of my favorite songs – who could ever imagine such a moment?
  • Any friends and family that have known me for some time have probably heard me referred to as a ‘turtle girl’. Sea turtles were my entryway into marine biology, conservation, and an ever-growing love for the oceans and though I find almost all marine life intriguing, there is something majestic and overwhelmingly beautiful about sea turtles in the wild. This past weekend I got to dive Apo Island, an island famous for a local community and reef system that are thriving from a well-maintained marine sanctuary. On the first dive at Apo Island we saw five beautiful, healthy green sea turtles. We saw one tucked under a chunk of reef, wiggling her shell back and forth, getting a good scratch (much like you would imagine a Mogli bear to do against a tree) watching us with equal curiosity as we swam by. Later, a big female with remoras attached to her shell swam alongside us for a time before she drifted off further down the reef. And yet another came up right in front of us and surfaced above our heads, its signature silhouette blocking the light of the sun. For a moment, I was a child again, a little girl in awe of the sea, and for another I was one with the turtles.

Have a wonderful weekend folks – find your own little drops of happiness and feel free to share some in the comments! As always, thanks for reading,


The view from below


A beautiful, female adult green sea turtle with remora fish hitching a ride on her belly


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