It’s Our Six Monthiversary!

Hello readers!

I hope you enjoy this post ‘cause it’s a little bit about me and a lot bit about you! This blog has been active today for SIX MONTHS, so I thought I would share some fun behind-the-scenes statistics that I get to see every time I log onto my site.

Since April 14, 2016 I have had:

  • And 47 comments
  • On 35 blog posts
  • By 1,707 visitors
  • From 64 different countries!!!

The most read and liked blogs I’ve posted were: Happy Filipino Culture Day… from the Philippines! (my first post since in country) and An Open Letter to My Mother

Although, I think I had the most fun writing out my foodie fantasies in Pass the Cheese, Please!

Over 6 months I have gained 7 email and 65 WordPress followers and those numbers alone melt my heart a little. The fact that people read my writing and like it enough to want to read more truly makes me smile and blush at my computer screen like a shy, little girl with a crush. So… THANK YOU!

I also appreciate so much all the feedback from friends and followers both on and off the WordPress medium! I have a list of ideas for stories that I will chuck out on the blog over the next couple of months. I admit they come to me easily enough; there is so much that fascinates me about living in the Philippines, being a Peace Corps Volunteer, and exploring the environment that I think is worth sharing. But I really want to hear from you!

Are there stories, subjects, or curiosities that I could write for YOU? They could be related to the Philippines, Peace Corps, travel (travelling alone as a woman), family, fascinating sea creatures, food, or any topic that you might think may I encounter in my life and that you would be keen to read about. Please leave any ideas, questions, suggestions or feedback in a comment on this post, or email me at I may use some of your ideas for a full blog post in the future or at the very least I’ll get back to you with a personal message pertaining to the subject. Please, don’t hold back!

Thank you so much for following my journey so far, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about what’s to come, because I certainly enjoy sharing it with you!

Happy Friday and, as always, thank you for reading,


The map of site visitors round the world. The majority are from the US with the Philippines and Israel following behind.


4 thoughts on “It’s Our Six Monthiversary!

  1. Your blogs read wonderfully, they are fun,upbeat,page turner like a detective novel,full of exploring and excitement.
    Keep wondering and wandering. I’m so proud of you.


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