Tomorrow Is Going to Change my Life

It’s Sunday, and I’m organizing my clothes into piles (clean & dry, clean & damp, looking moldy, smelling moldy, or good ol’ dirty) while listening to music and studying intermittently for my Tagalog exam tomorrow. A funny thought comes through my mind: last spring, I could be found doing something very similar on a Sunday; cleaning, studying, and listening to music. And yet, almost everything else about my life is different.

A year ago, I was still a college student for one last semester, sharing a house with three other roommates I’d found on craigslist (yes, mom, the truth is it out). Now I live with a lovely host family, that has welcomed me into their home and their family with arms wide open. Last year, I worked part time at a movie theater after school to help pay my way through college. Now, I am in training as a volunteer with the Peace Corps, making in a month what I earned in a weekend back in the States. A year ago I was in a serious relationship that has transformed into an meaningful friendship, a change I wouldn’t have anticipated then, but that I am extremely grateful for now. There are more differences, some bigger and bolder than others. Oh, did I mention that I live on the other side of the world, on a continent I haven’t been to in 16 years? That’s a pretty cool one, I think! 🙂

There have been a few distinct moments in the past year where I have felt my life change in a matter of moments. Right now, some of those are still pretty personal, others not so much. Getting that invitation email from the Peace Corps was one of them, and it was wonderful to share that moment with my mother and little brother (not that he’ll remember it). Tomorrow, there will be another moment… and it’s kind of a peculiar feeling, knowing your life is about to be changed again.

Tomorrow, I will have my language proficiency interview (LPI), a 20-30 minute oral exam to “test the effectiveness of language acquisition”. If my Tagalog is good enough, I’ll move on to study the language of my permanent site, if not, I have some brushing up to do first. But the real life-changing moment is the Site Announcements that follow… me and my 67 fellow volunteers will find out where in the phenomenal Philippines we get to call “home” for the next two years–that’s TWO YEARS! Can you guess that I’m really excited? Since I decided to join the PC 7 months ago this has been a topic of debate, speculation, and much curiosity. Tomorrow, the mystery is solved! But, even though the site is announced tomorrow, I still have a couple of weeks of training to go through. It won’t be an immediate change, more like a telling of fate and fortunes, a much anticipated reading of the stars.

So, tomorrow! Tomorrow, is only a daaay awaaaay! Okay, I’ll leave it at that… have to get some last minute studying in. Will update in about 48 hours with site announcement and exam results. Thanks for reading in!

Love & Peace,



One of these 7,107 islands will be my home!




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