23,603 Miles: My Migration to Manila

So my staging information finally arrived and I officially have a flight booked to the Philippines!!! July 2nd I (along with 74 other volunteers in Batch 275) will be boarding a plane to Tokyo to catch a flight to Manila, arriving July 3rd as the newest group of Peace Corps Philippines Trainees. Only 26 days until the Big Adventure begins…!

Meanwhile, I’ve been hanging out on the other side of Asia, in Israel, which sparked some thought about how many miles I’ll actually be travelling to get to my final destination. From when I left my last “home” of Florida to my arrival in the Philippines I will be travelling 23,603 MILES over 6 weeks (that’s just 1,300 miles less than the circumference of the earth)! I’m spanning 3 continents, twice over… North America to Europe to Asia to Europe to North America to Asia, which is enough to give anyone reading this jet lag, so I made a map of my trip (although, I think migration is a more appropriate word):


My 23,603 mile migration to the Philippines!

I know my whole journey (and let’s face it, my life) might seem like quite a bizarre path to many people, but migrations are really quite normal in nature. Many animals migrate 1,000s of miles in a single journey; birds, insects, caribou, and fish could easily acquire huge benefits on frequent flyer programs. A single, tiny bird, the arctic tern, is responsible for the longest migration ever, a whopping 44,100 miles every year flying back and forth from the arctic circle to Antarctica. Makes my trip seem like a walk in the park, doesn’t it? Plus, I’m not even responsible for the actual flying (thank goodness!).

My favorite animal, the leatherback sea turtle is one of the greatest oceanic nomads, raking in over 12,000 miles in a single migratory event between nesting sites and feeding zones, making them the longest travelling reptile in the world. Likewise, the oceans include the mammal with the longest migration: the humpback whale, who will cross nearly 14,000 miles to follow their food around the world. Amazing to think what nature can do when sometimes we’re too lazy to get up from the sofa and go to the fridge…!

What is YOUR greatest migration? Until next time 😉


2 thoughts on “23,603 Miles: My Migration to Manila

  1. Dear Stav,
    You are continuing the migratory pattern of your parents and ancestors.
    May you arrive safely at your destination.
    Love Abba


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